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Updated March 2012                                                                     Order
Year 2000 Sharan   Jun-00 p44-45
New  Passat (Euro launch report)   Dec-00 p20-24
New V5 Golf and Bora    Feb-01 p13
New  Passat (UK launch)   Mar-01 p26-29
Concept Microbus (Detroit Show debut) Mar-01 p43-46
Passat W8   May-01 p22-23
Passat W8   Aug-01 p23-26
114mpg Lupo 3L    Sep-01 p17
25th Anniversary Golf GTI 1.8T  Oct-01 p22-23
"High-perf New Beetles (RSi, V5 & 1.8T) Nov-01 p6-11
New Polo   Jan-02 p7-11
Beetle Turbo S (US special)   Mar-02 p22-23
Passat W8   Apr-02 p15-17
New Polo: UK range driven   Apr-02 p20-22
Phaeton   May-02 p14-17
25th Anniversary GTI 1.8T   Jun-02 p7-10
Phaeton   Aug-02 p16-20
Golf R32   Oct-02 p15-19
Beetle Cabriolet   Dec-02 p7-11
Touareg: First Drive   Dec-02 p27-30
Golf R32    Feb-03 p7-12
T5 Caravelle   Apr-03 p15-19
Touran    May-03 p15-18
Phaeton V6 / W12      Aug-03 p17-19
New Golf previewed     Sep-03 p7-9
Ultima Edicion Beetle    Sep-03 p45-47
Concept R     Oct-03 p7-9
Touran     Oct-03 p27-31
Mk 5 Golf GTI concept Nov-03 p7-12
Mk 5 Golf: First drive Dec-03 p7-10
T5 Caravelle Jan-04 p17-19
New Caddy Jan-04 p32-34
New Golf: UK launch report Mar-04 p11-15
Concept T (off road coupé) Mar-04 p31-33
Concept C    May-04 p11-13
Mk 5 Golf GTI   Oct-04 p11-15
Mk 5 Golf 4Motion  Nov-04 p11-14
Phaeton 3.0 V6 TDI  Nov-04 p23-25
Mk 5 Golf GTI: First drive  Dec-04 p11-16
New Jetta (USA)   Jan-05 p6-7
New Passat    Feb-05 p11-13+p25
Golf Plus (News item)  Feb-05 p7
Beetle Ragster at Detroit Show  Mar-05 p20-22
Golf Plus (First drive)  Mar-05 p27-30
Golf 4Motion Apr-05 p7
New Polo and Fox May-05 p7
New Passat (First drive) May-05 p12-15
Fox Jul-05 p48-49
New Passat Estate Jul-05 p7
Fox (first drive) Jul-05 p48-49
New Beetle facelift Aug-05 p7
New Polo (first drive) Aug-05 p23-25
New Passat Estate Sep-05 p7
New R32 (Mk 5 version) Sep-05 p28-29
Golf GT ( 170 PS TFSI ) Oct-05 p14-18
New R32 Oct-05 p22-26
New Jetta Oct-05 p35-37
New Polo GTI Nov-05 p7
New R32 ( First drive ) Nov-05 p23-26
New Polo GTI Dec-05 p15-18
Eco Racer Dec-05 p7
UK Jetta Jan-06 p8
GX3 concept Feb-06 p7
Polo Dune (first drive) Mar-06 p9
Concept A Apr-06 p09
Polo BlueMotion  Apr-06 p10
Eos for UK Apr-06 p10
Crafter (LT replacement) Apr-06 p19-21
New Passat V6 4Motion Apr-06 p31-33
T5 Sportline May-06 p09
Golf GT: 170 PS TSI and TDI-PDE May-06 p13-16
Eos  Jun-06 p09
Fox Jun-06 p27-29
Edition 30 GTI study Jul-06 p10-12
Golf GT (170 PS TSI + TDI) Aug-06 p12-16
Eos UK launch Sep-06 p28-31
Crafter Sep-06 p35-37
Eos Highway 1  Oct-06 p09
Iroc (new Scirocco) Oct-06 p13-15
Golf Match Nov-06 p09
New Touran, Touareg Nov-06 p09-10
GTI Edition 30 for UK Dec-06 p17-18
Concept Tiguan at LA Show Jan-07 p07
Passat R36 Jan-07 p10-13
New Touran Jan-07 p15-17
New Touareg Feb-07 p07
Polo BlueMotion Feb-07 p17-20
New Golf Estate     Apr-07 p07
Passat BlueMotion   Jun-07 p17-19
New Skoda Fabia   Jun-07 p20-21
New Golf GT Sport    July-07 p07
Eos Individual   Jul-07 p07
GTI Pirelli   Jul-07 p16-17
New Tiguan  Aug-07 p07
New Phaeton prices   Aug-07 p08
New Golf Estate   Aug-07 p43-45
Up! (Frankfurt Show concept car)   Oct-07 p07
Tiguan (first drive)    Nov-07 p10-13
Touareg R50  Dec-07 p07
Polo BlueMotion  Dec-07 p17-20
RaVe design study, at Essen Show Jan-08 p06-07
Polo Match Feb-08 p06
Passat CC (Coupe) Mar-08 p08-09
New Scirocco Apr-08 p07-09
First drive: UK Tiguan Apr-08 p26-28
Caddy Maxi Life Apr-08 p31-34
Passat R36 for UK  Jun-08 p06
Touareg R50   Jun-08 p15-18
Golf GTI Pirelli  Jun-08 p10-11
Passat CC  Jun-08 p21-24
Scirocco GT 24  Jul-08 p10-11
New Scirrocco Aug-08 p10-15
Mk 6 Golf Sep-08 p06-08
Passat R36, Saloon and Estate Oct-08 p11-14
UK Scirocco 2.0 TSI Oct-08 p16-18
Mk 6 Golf   Nov-08 p9-14
Mk 6 Golf GTI  Nov-08 p17-19
New Golf Plus Jan-09 p06
Concept BlueSport Feb-09 p07
Mk 6 Golf (UK launch report)  Mar-09 p11-14
New Polo  Apr-09 p06-07
Mk 6 Golf GTD  May-09 p07
Mk 6 Golf GTI (first drive)  May-09 p10-14
Concept BlueSport (mid-engined TDI-powered 2-seater)  Mar-09 p21-24
Scirocco GT TDI 170 for UK Jun-09 p07
New Tiguan R Line Jun-09 p07
Passat R Line Jul-09 p06
New Polo Jul-09 p09-13
Scirocco R Jul-09 p15-17
Mk 6 GTI evaluated Jul-09 p58-61
Amarok Aug-09 p06
New Golf Estate  Nov-09 p06
New Golf R  Nov-09 p13-16
New Polo Nov-09 p17-20
New T5   Nov-09 p22-24
New Polo, Golf, Passat BlueMotion   Dec-09 p25-28
New Amarok    Feb-10 p13-15
New Concept Coupe (NCC) at Detroit   Mar-10 p13-15
New Touareg   Apr-10 p06
New Sharan   Apr-10 p08
New Polo GTI   Apr-10 p13-16
Amarok: First drive   Apr-10 p24-26
New Touran May-10 p08
New Touareg May-10 p23-26
New Phaeton  Jun-10 p06
Tiguan Match   Jun-10 p10
Polo GTI (first drive) Jul-10 p06
GTI Excessive + Adidas GTI at Worthesee Jul-10    p64-65
New Jetta Aug-10 p06
Amarok (first European drive)  Aug-10 p51
New Sharan  Sep-10 p13-17
New Jetta (USA)  Oct-10 p11-14
New Passat  Nov-10 p06-07
New Eos  Nov-10 p08
New Caddy van + MPV  Nov-10 p26-28
New Jetta (Euro)  Dec-10 p06-09
New Passat  Dec-10 p16-20

GTI Edition 35 for UK

Up! debut at IAA
New California models (Berghaus and Beach)
New VW Group cars at Frankfurt Show 2011
Beetle in Britain
New CC
p15-18 + p73

Cross Coupe at Tokyo Show

Passat Alltrack debut
New CC (UK info / prices)
T5 Caravelle Edition 25
New CC press launch

Jetta Hybrid at Detroit


E-Bugster at Detroit