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Updated June 2010                                                                      Order
Volkswagen: the story behind the name    Jun-00 p56-59
Ferdinand Porsche - the early years    Jul-00 p55-57
Signs of things to come  (Type 12)    Aug-00 p56-58
Beginnings of the Beetle  (Type 32)    Sep-00 p53-55
Porsche's Expose    Oct-00 p56-58
Original designs    Nov-00 p55-57
Chassis development    Dec-00 p58-60
Engine development    Jan-01 p55-57
V1 prototype (+V2):   Feb-01 p54-56
V2 Cabriolet    Mar-01 p55-57
Construction of V3   Apr-01 p52-54
V3 Testing    May-01 p57-59
V3 report    Jun-01 p60-62
V3 replica at Autostadt    Jul-01 p58/59
W30 prototype: cost saving   Aug-01 p57-59
W30 made ready for testing    Sep-01 p48-50
Testing the W30    Oct-01 p47-49
Finishing the W30    Nov-01 p48-50
Kubelwagen!    Dec-01 p53-55
Der Stuka!    Jan-02 p60-62
Wooden Beetle mock-up    Feb-02 p51-53
The first Splits    Mar-02 p42-43
Foundation Stone presentation    Apr-02 p47-49
Testing vs competitors    May-02 p54-56
Design fine tuning (W38)    Jun-02 p53-55
Presentation to press at Berlin Motor Show 1939 Jul-02 p54-56
National publicity tour/test    Aug-02 p55-57
The Austrian Kubelwagen    Sep-02 p54-56
Heating and towing with early Beetle    Oct-02 p47-49
Hydraulic brakes and the first manual for the early Beetle Nov-02 p50-52
RHD Beetle, for Britain?     Dec-02 p53-55
Type 62 Kubelwagen    Jan-03 p42-44
Type 82 Kubelwagen    Feb-03 p49-51
Type 86, first 4WD VW      Mar-03 p58-60
Traction improvements/halftracks etc    Apr-03 p55-57
Wartime variations (dummy tank etc)    May-03 p54-56
W30 replica     Jul-03 p51-53
Schwimmwagen    Aug-03 p51-53
Supercharged 1942 Beetle     Oct-03 p57-59
V10-engined prototype sports cars  Nov-03 p55-57
Type 64 Berlin-Rome race car   Dec-03 p53-55
Beetle-based prototypes    Jan-04 p51-53
Convoy to Kabul   Feb-04 p50-51
Charcoal-burning Beetles!   Mar-04 p54-55
The British Years    Apr-04 p57-59
Postwar Beetle development    Jul-04 p57-59
The Oval Beetle (1953-57)    Aug-04 p49-51
The Transporter story (part 1)   Sep-04 p41-43
The Transporter story (part 2)   Oct-04 p51-53
The Transporter story (part 3)   Nov-04 p53-55
Beetle Cabriolet (part 1)  Dec-04 p51-53
Beetle Cabriolet (part 2)  Jan-05 p45-47
Early cabriolets (Radclyffe roadster/ Hebmuller) Feb-05 p47-49
Karmann Ghia    Mar-05 p47-49
Beetle 1958 - 1965 Apr-05 p51-53
Beetle 1965 - 1970 May-05 p56-57
(No Heritage feature in June 05)    
Beetle 1970-1972 (1302) Jul-05 p56-57
Beetle 1972-1978 Aug-05 p54-55
Type 3 (part 1) Sep-05 p51-53
Type 3 (part 2) Oct-05 p57-59
Type 2 (part 1) Nov-05 p55-57
Type 2 (part 2) Dec-05 p57-59
Special Beetles (inc Mexico-built) Jan-06 p44-46
Brazilian Beetles Feb-06 p39-41
VWs in Brazil Mar-06 p38-40
 (Series discontinued in April 2006)