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Updated August 2011                                                                      Order
Autostadt     Aug-00 p34-35
German factory tour 2004 (Vredestein factory) Jul-04 p70-71
German factory tour 2004 (Wolfsburg/Autostadt) Aug-04 p64-65
German factory tour 2004 (Phaeton factory)   Sep-04 p58-59
German factory tour 2004 (Oettinger)   Oct-04 p64-65
German factory tour 2004 (Bad Camberg)   Nov-04 p66-67
German factory tour 2007 (Bad Camberg)   Sep-07 p40-42
VW Factory tour 2007, Salzgitter & Automuseum   Oct-07 p55-57
VW Factory tour 2007, Autostadt   Nov-07 p55-57
Wolfsburg factory tour  Dec-07 p47-49
VW Motorsport and Hannover CV plant Apr-08 p47-49
Kassel plant and Classic VW Parts Centre, Wolfsburg Aug-11 p50-52