July 2009 Volkswagen Driver

  • News: Worthesee concept GTI and new Polo, Passat R Line, New Golf Estate

  • First drive: Mk 5 Polo is a match for the Golf

  • New model: Scirocco R debuts at Nurburgring

  • Motorsport: Scirocco success in ADAC 24 Hour race

  • Motorsport: VW Racing Cup, Rockingham

  • Modified car: Niche Conversions Scirocco RC280

  • Technology: EA888 engine, part 2

  • Products & Services: Custom-Code/JBS, AmD Essex fitting offer, AutoTechnica, Hull, VF uprated mounts for Mk 5 R32, Sweet Scents, Titanium disc pad shims, Richbrook bumper protector, New CG-Lock, Zircotec ceramic coating

  • Stateside: R32 in USA

  • Last word: New Polo

  • Plus: Latest prices listed and pages of classified ads for cars and parts for sale. 


    Rajan Paymaster's Mk 1 Golf GTI 16S
    Mk 1 GTI owners

    Ray Partner's Concours Mk 2 GTI 16V
    Mk 2 GTI owners

    Neil Birkitt's modified Mk 3 GTI 16V
    Mk 3 GTI owners

    Simon Houldsworth's modified Mk 4 GTI 1.8T
    Mk 4 GTI owners

    Mk 5 GTI model profile
    Mk 5 GTI owners

    Mk 6 GTI evaluated and compared with Mk 1 GTI

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