On Sale Now: Volkswagen Driver  July  2006
Issue 74
  • GTI Special!
  • New model: Edition 30 study celebrates 30 years of GTI
  • Road test: New Polo GTI is a force to be reckoned with!
  • Stateside: Most popular colour for new GTI in USA is white
  • Motorsport: VW Racing Cup at Donington Park

  • Tech forum: Mk 4 Golf sumpguard + rear discs, 1.8T water pumps, octane boosting, Passat handbrake Auto Hold
  • Technical topics: Engine tuning, stage by stage
  • Products & services: AmD R32, Haldex 4wd controllers, BBS AIR I AL alloys, WIN: BBS F1 picnic set! Halfords DIY air-con, Alcar alloys, Recaro seats, Allard intercooler upgrade for TDI 150, Evolution V-Flow for 1.8T, VAG gearknob, Spax SSX for Golf Plus, New Tunit module, Laser terminal tool
  • On the Market: Car sales at GTI International
  • Last word: Polos new and old
  • Plus: Latest prices listed and 6 pages of classified ads for cars and parts for sale
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