On Sale Now: Volkswagen Driver  February 2006
 Issue 69
  • Road test:  New R32 DSG maintains the status quo!
  • News: GX3 concept car, new Fox, VW Racing Cup 2006, VW: No.1 in Europe, 60
    years of Beetle.
  • Stateside: Jetta and Passat R GT at the SEMA Show
  • Travel: Passat to the Pyrenees (part 2)
  • Heritage: Brazilian VWs



  • Technical Topics: Petrol engine efficiency on the up
  • Products & Services: Stoptech 6-pot callipers, Abt GTI VS4-R, Wheelwright
    rims, B&B Polo GTI, ATS Cup alloys, Spax stainless steel RSX kit, Bastuck
    exhausts for Polo and Golf 4, AutoBra, Millers XFE-PD, Smartnav OK for VW,
    Race Logic Blitz timers, 
    Indago SatNav, DIY Parking pilot
  • On the Market: Mk 4 R32 prices
  • Last Word: Driving the new R32
  • Plus latest prices listed and pages of classified ads for 
    cars and parts for sale.
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