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Volkswagen and Audi track day,

Saturday 13th August 2016

at Castle Combe, Wiltshire SN14 7EY


Track Sessions

A track day is the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy driving their fast road cars at high speed on a race circuit, but there are a few procedures and regulations necessary, in the interests of safety…

Drivers in the fast lapping sessions must be aged 18 or over, must show a full current driving licence on the day, and will be required to sign an indemnity form. They must also attend a driver’s briefing before being allowed on track.

Front seat passengers must be aged 17 or over, must complete an indemnity form and pay a one-off £10 admin fee to sign on (passengers are not allowed in the rear seats). You can then enjoy as many rides as you want to, throughout the day.

All drivers and passengers must wear a crash helmet. Bring your own, although helmets can be hired on the day, subject to a hire fee of £10, plus a refundable deposit. Drivers and passengers should also wear suitable clothing and footwear, with arms and legs fully covered – not T-shirts, shorts or sandals.

The paddock gate (signposted Competitors Entrance, just off the B4039) is open from 7.00 am to park up, then sign on at the admin desk in the Strawford Centre from 8.00 am onwards. First driver’s briefing is at 8.30 am, for track activity to begin from around 9.00 am. There will then be additional driver’s briefings throughout the day.

A full-day booking provides 6 session tickets (3 morning and 3 afternoon) or you can book for a half day (3-session tickets) and choose am or pm. Subject to availability of extra track time, additional single session tickets can be bought on the day. The entry is per car, which can be shared by more than one driver (although additional drivers must also sign on, pay a £10 admin fee and attend the driver’s briefing).

Each 12-car track session usually provides 10-15 minutes of clear circuit time. Entrants are expected to queue as necessary to achieve their full entitlement of track sessions.

We also offer a special discount package for clubs / forum groups who can get together 12 cars and book in advance for a dedicated club-only track driving session – please contact us for details.

Note that track entries made in advance not only save time on the day, but also entitle the driver of the track car to free paddock entry (normal £10 each) although note that that track drivers booking on the day, passengers, and any friends / family / crew in accompanying cars will be asked by Castle Combe gate staff to pay the normal entry fee of £10 per person.

[ Circuit Map ]


Sound check
After signing on, all track vehicles must be sound-checked. The circuit’s noise limit is 100 db(A), measured at 0.5 metre from the exhaust outlet at 4500 rpm. No exceptions can be made.

Note that there is no independent mechanical scrutineering – you are responsible for ensuring that your car is in a suitable condition for circuit driving. Provided that conditions are dry, slick tyres are permitted. All entrants will be subject to strict monitoring of driving standards and we reserve the right to exclude anyone considered to be driving in an irresponsible manner.

First-time drivers
Our track days are not just for seasoned specialists, we also encourage first-timers to take part. A comprehensive briefing is given and an instructor is available to give advice and on-track tuition. For notes on preparation and procedures, for anyone interested in taking part in track days for the first time, please [ CLICK HERE ]

Front seat passengers are allowed, but must be aged 17 or over, be suitably clothed and wear a crash helmet. Report to the admin desk in the Strawford Centre on the day, to complete an indemnity form and pay a single £10 admin fee. Passengers are not allowed in the rear seats during the fast lapping sessions.

Parade laps
For insurance reasons, under-17s can now only ride as passengers on the special low-speed 
lunchtime parade session, a popular feature for parents with children, treating them to a ride around a real race circuit. Sign on in advance at the Admin Centre on the day. A pass to take part in the lunchtime parade session costs just £10.

Official circuit photographer Jim Gaisford will be on site throughout the day, taking photos of the cars on track and these are available for viewing at lunchtime in the room adjacent to the Tavern. You can contact him after the event on 01225 743 400 or e-mail:

Spectators are more than welcome. As well as watching the exciting track sessions, some traders with demo cars give passenger rides. There are also trade stands, club displays and a Show ’n’ Shine in the main paddock area and there are caféteria-style catering facilities and proper toilets on site. Note that Castle Combe makes an entry charge of £10 per adult (under 16s are free).


We look forward to seeing you all there…