Audi Driver - February 2010

  • B5 RS4 Special

  • Concept car: Is e-tron 2 the new R4?

  • Road test: A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI provides elegant practicality

  • American view: Elaine Catton visits the Detroit Show

  • Technical view: B5 RS4 engine problems

  • Letters: A4 seat support failure, Multitronics and quattros in snow, A3 or GTI? New A8

  • RS4 biturbo buying guide Andrew Chapple shows what to look for

  • Acropolis replica Darron Edwards recreates the 1981 rally quattro

  • Style statement: ABT Sportsline Q5 strikes a pose

  • Biturbo tales: Paul Harris looks back at the RS4

  • Unsung hero: Martyn Pass interviews Audi driver Andy Wallace


  • Technology: Paul Harris looks at the EGR system of the new 1.6 and 2.0 TDI
  • Road test: Reprint of the original B5 RS4 road test from March 2001

  • Audi drivers: Peter Noad interviews B5 RS4 owners

  • News & products: Frugal A3, Hankook website, AmD Technik SRS-II, New TSW Donington, New premises for Russell Automotive Centre, Audi Tradition website, Tunit 2010, Forge oil catch tank for 2.0 TFSI, ECP: AmPro and Normfest products, ECS magnetic drain plug, Carlube Triple R 5W/30, Wizard Works, GAZ for TT, 3.2 V6 dipstck, New RaceGlaze products.

  • Plus: Current prices listed and pages of classified ads for cars and parts
    for sale.

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