Audi Driver - April 2009

  • New A5 and S5 Cabrios: Another step forward for Audi

  • Road test: A4 2.0 (170 PS) provides performance and remarkable economy

  • American view: Audi sales in USA

  • Technical view: Intercooler faults

  • Letters: Classic Audis, Audi satnav, Wiper blades, Airbags, Bargains

  • Hybrids: The way ahead

  • R8 vs R8: 4.2 V8 compared with 5.2 V10

  • Five-arm dynamic alloy wheels

  • Engine development: Twin-turbo FSI V8

  • KTM X-Bow: 365 bhp AmD-tuned Audi TFSI-engined track car



  • Oblique view: Audi A6 3.0 TDI vs Lexus GS 450h SE auto

  • Technology: 1.8 TFSI turbo, manifolds and oil & ventilation systems

  • Motorsport: R8 LMS

  • Audi drivers: Owning the Series 1 80

  • News & Products: Audi productivity in 2008, DSG software upgrade, TT RS, R15, Quicksilver exhaust for R8, CKS: 10% iscount, Drivedata DR3, Laser oil filter, New K&N 57S airbox, KW coilovers from JKM, TT 1.8 TFSI, New Thule roofbox, A4 company car of the year, A8OC meeting 2009

  • Plus: Latest prices listed and pages of classified ads for cars and parts
    for sale

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