On Sale Now: Audi Driver Volume 10
Issue 5

MAY 2006

  • Road test: New RS4 quattro puts the emphasis on driver involvement

  • American view: New TT at New York Show

  • Diesel view: Diesel hydrids ­ better than fuel cells

  • Inside view: An independent Audi?

  • Technical view: The importance of valve timing

  • Letters: DSG discoveries

  • Oblique view: Alfa Romeo 159 compares with A4

  • Snapshot: Audi Type M 1923-1927


  • News: Zerosixty discs, Alpine CDE 9850Ri, Painting of R10 at Sebring, New allroad and TT prices, Win a set of Headmaster spanners, new Meguiaršs
    catalogue, KO4 conversion kit, RAC Trackstar 5, InPro Blinkmodule

  • * Audi Drivers: Owning the RS4

  • Plus: Latest prices listed and pages of classifieds ads for cars and parts
    for sale. 

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